How to Take a Screenshot on a PC

It will use a tool to create installation media, which you can use to completely wipe the disk and install a fresh copy of Windows 10. If you don’t want to use a CD or DVD, you can use a USB, SD card, or external hard drive. Upgrading using download tool doesnt require a product key.

  • It allows you to choose whether you want to reset from local files or by downloading the necessary files online.
  • After choosing an option, click on the Reset button and that’s it.
  • Although the above method works pretty well in most Windows computers, for one reason or the other oficial site it can fail to perform in some cases.

Press and hold the “volume up” and “power” keys simultaneously to take a screenshot on these tablets. If you don’t press the buttons simultaneously, you might turn off the display instead of taking a screenshot. Even though they run on Windows, Windows tablets do not have the Print Screen key on their onscreen keyboards.

The minimum RAM and storage requirements were also increased; Windows 11 now requires at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. S mode is only supported for the Home edition of Windows 11. The compatibility list includes the Intel Core i7-7820HQ, a seventh-generation processor used by the Surface Studio 2, although only on devices that shipped with DCH-based drivers. In January 2021, it was reported that a job listing referring to a «sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows» had been posted by Microsoft. A visual refresh for Windows, developed under the codename «Sun Valley», was reportedly set to re-design the system’s user interface. It was rumored to be released as a Windows 10 feature update as version 21H2.

Method 1: Upload online and share

In the Device Manager, double-click on the Bluetooth tree to see the Bluetooth hardware’s name. There are a couple of ways you can enable Bluetooth on your Windows 10 PC and neither of them takes more than a couple of seconds. I had the same issue, and from a comment (possibly @perpetualstudent’s above) I found that a complete power-down caused bluetooth to come back to life.

Then you can draw arrows/circles on your screenshot and save the picture. The Snipping Tool is included in all versions of Windows since Windows Vista. This includes Vista, 7, 8, 10, Server 2008, and Server 2012. The only versions of Windows that it is not included in are Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic. If you are using either of these two versions, you will need to find another utility for taking screenshots, or use the keyboard shortcuts. By default, any snip you make will have a red border around it.


Use the Boot Menu to tell the computer where to start from – either the USB or installation disk you created and inserted early on. Each manufacturer has its own on-screen instructions for how to activate and trigger this process. Consult the user manual for your PC or laptop for any special instructions on how to use a recovery partition on your PC, as well as to determine the right key to press.

How to capture an image from a movie in Windows Media Player

The latter places the interpreter in the execution path. For older versions of Python that do not support the Add Python to Path checkbox, see Step 6. You can use the following command to install Miniconda.

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